About Us

Who We Are:

Shopperquick.com launched in early 2016, headquartered in Chennai. We intend to cover a large range of products and brands, with delivery to the last mile.

Our Mission is simple:

We are striving to be the best customer centric and leading retail company in India. Motivated by this mission, it is our purpose to put huge smiles on the faces of our customers of all ages.

Shopping is Fun:

Have fun while shopping!!You can really find anything on ur mind at shopper quick and discover our wide range of products in fun ways. We believe that shopping should be entertainment too by our surprise seasonal sales and promotional offers.

Our Story:

We are a dynamic, customer driven, talent powered company that started small and grew by facing our challenges and quickly learning from them. We also continue to be committed to our growth and innovation, and by responding to our customers unique needs and aspirations. Our commitment to these goals drives our strong, consistent success in the competitive e­commerce marketplace.